Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Does getting an ingrown toenail taken out by the doctor hurt?

i have 3 , (two on one toe), on both big toes.

i've tried the soaking way, and i've had these ingrown toenails for 2 or 3 years, but they're still painful.

so does getting an ingrown toenail taken out by the doctor hurt?, and is there any other ways of getting rid of them without soaking?Does getting an ingrown toenail taken out by the doctor hurt?
No... they numb the toe first. It's just a little prick you know, with a needle. Just like going to the dentist. I finally had the sides of my big toe nails removed at the nail root by a podiatrist quite a few years ago. No more in-grown since. It's worth it.Does getting an ingrown toenail taken out by the doctor hurt?
They insert a needle,

And thats really all that hurts.

Except when it starts to un-numb,

Then it starts to hurt a bit.

I suggest doing it.

Try not to get them to come back though,

Because it you have to get them laser removed permanently,

The look kind of stupid being really skinny.

I would know.

I had this done a few times before getting it done permanently.


And it doesn't ';Hurt like hell!';
About 3 weeks ago, I was fed up with the ingrown toenail I had been suffering with for many years. I just got tired of dealing with the pain and the soaking and the whole thing. I looked up a Doctor of Podiatry and he explained all the options. The area of least intrusion was to have him cut the sides of the nail and kill the roots on the side so they won't grow back. First he sprayed my toe with something which was cold and it numbed my toe. He then injected both sides of the toe with a numbing fluid. He waited until I could feel nothing. Then he did the cutting and placed some chemical on the area where he removed the nails and some skin. Yes, there was some bleeding, but no pain. The Doctor bandaged up my toe and told me to keep the bandage elevated for an hour when I went home. The next day I could take the bandage off, take a shower then put neosporin on the cuts, place a H bandaid on my toe and go about my business doing this twice daily until I went back to revisit. I have never had any pain associated with the surgery and now I can finally sleep without pain. Hope this helps
its gonna hurt like hell
go to your doctor before getting an infection

good luck, let me know how it goes
Hell yeah it's gone hurt...i've seen a grown man cry from gettin his out!
The only thing that is painful is when they numb it, that only lasts for seconds. It feels better after having them removed. Only way to get rid of them is by removing them. I had my nails from my big toes permanently removed I got tired of having it done after a few years several times a year.

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