Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to home-fix an ingrown toenail?

I have an ingrown toenail, and its not that bad right now, but i want to fix it before it gets worse, WITHOUT going to the doctors.

should i just dig into my toe with a knife and rip out the toenail part?How to home-fix an ingrown toenail?
A It would be much better to just cut your toenail with toenail clippers. Just put the edge of the clippers slightly under the nail and slowly work it towards the edge that is giving you problems. Don't get it too far under, but just enough so that you find the side of the nail when you reach it and then clip it straight across. Check the links below. They give you reasons for ingrown your shoes perhaps.

Certain conditions like diabetes or other conditions can make ingrown toenails more serious problems if they lead to infections so be careful.How to home-fix an ingrown toenail?
Try and lift the nail over the skin every day - this may mean trying to push the skin over from the nail, too.

You can buy kits from shops which will soften the nail making it easier to try and move. I think mine cost about $10.

I'm sure you already know that the longer you leave it, the worse it can get. If worst comes to worst, the doctor will simply cut off half of your toe-nail. Oh, and for future reference; Make sure you cut your toe nails properly in future to avoid it happening again :)

Good luck!
cut a v in the middle of the nail this makes the nail grow to fill the v worked for me
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