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What can I do for my infant's ingrown toenail?

My 6 month old has ingrown toenails on both of his big toes. Each toe has a corner that is ingrow. I really don't know how this happened. They are just now getting long enough to cut. He doesn't wear shoes and I have always made sure to buy bigger sleepers if he is getting to long for them. Is there anything that I can do or does the pediatrician take care of that. I have no idea. I know that I can't get to either side with clippers. What is the procedure on such a thing? My mom had ingrown toenails and they removed both of her nails and they never grew back. I hope they don't do that to my little guy.What can I do for my infant's ingrown toenail?
Soak in hydrogen peroxide three times a day, undiluted. Apply polysporin under a bandage to keep the area wet which will soften the nail. And if possible cut a ';v'; in the middle of each nail which is supposed to make the nail become smaller.

IF it gets really infected or inflamed obviously go to a doctor, if it requires medical attention make sure they write a prescription for a topical treatment in addition to an oral treatment in my experience oral treatments do not work alone.

He will likely outgrow it. I had a doctor want to remove my nail after I had ONE case of ingrown toe nail. I said no and it has been fine since. A few times it's gotten a little ingrown but I did the above and kept in under control.

Oh another thing that helps keep the feet moisturized and gently exfoliate the skin on either side of the nail with a pumice stone.

Best of luck.What can I do for my infant's ingrown toenail?
His nails should be pretty soft at that young age. After he has abath and his skin and nails are extra soft tuck a little piece of cotton under the ingrown area. Then let them grow out a bit longer. It should help.
Not sure why your moms toe nails didn't grow back. I'm no doctor but I can assure you that your baby's toe nails WILL grow back. Take him to his pediatrician who may have to remove part or all of the nail. It's for the best and nothing's worse than an infected ingrown toe nail (which will happen if it goes un-treated). My son had this one time and they removed only part of the nail. Good luck!
I would say that the only thing you really can do is take him to the doctor and have them examine this.
My friend had ingrown toenails and she was young enough that they grew back.

One was completely removed, one was half removed.

She was fine!

I'd take him to a doctor when you can because ingrown toenails can end up nasty infections.
In grown toe nails are painful for adults. I cannot imagine how the baby feels. I would definately take him to the doctor. Let them take care of it. His nails will grow back just fine. I bet they won't even remove the whole nail.
take him to the doctor.
My daughter had to have both her big toenails removed twice, but she was 8 %26amp; 9 when that happened, not an infant. When my daughter's were growing back, it was like ingrown toenails on both sides while they had to come into place, because the skin had healed over.

We kept them wrapped in bandaids with polysporin on them at ALL times. The polysporin kept away infection and kept the nails soft so she wasn't in so much pain. We did have the option of having them removed again but the surgeon said that he'd have to kill the root and they would never grow back. She was a little young to make such a huge decision. So we decided to try to let them come in as he suggested (method above) and if it didn't work we'd see him again. It took over a year but sure enough, 2 years later and no problems.

Some say that you can prevent ingrown toenails by cutting a little ';v'; in the middle of the nail. Others, including most doctors disagree with that, but my daughter said it did relieve pressure a bit. Whatever works for the mind I guess. Do NOT cut his nails short though, that's what causes them. I realize he had short nails to begin with, which is probably why you're having to deal with this now, and it's not your fault, but cutting them now would be bad. Let them grow in, then when they need cutting cut them straight across, not slanted into the corners. The idea is to get the toe used to having a nail where it needs to be.

If it seems to bother him, take him to the doctor.

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