Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can infected ingrown toenail heal by itself?

Pediatrician looked at my 9month old's infected toe and said that its no big deal and gave us a prescription of anitibiotics. My husband later on fought me on it and asked me to wait a day, because he thinks that it may go away on its own. Did anyone have a similar experience where you waited a day or two? Did it resolve on its own?Can infected ingrown toenail heal by itself?
I would definitely not wait. They are extremely painful. (I've had two and was in tears from the pain). Infections usually don't go away without some type of treatment no matter what part of the body they are. I would think you would have to get rid of the infection, then somehow take care of the ingrown toenail part...I wouldn't do this yourself though, it could just cause more pain. I had to have my toe numbed then the toenail cut out and they used some type of chemical to kill the ';root'; of that part of the nail so it wouldn't grow anymore and never become infected again. I'm not sure what they would do for a baby though. I would do what the pediatrician said, and maybe also call a podiatrist (sp.?) Don't wait though, they can get so excruciatingly painful. Good LuckCan infected ingrown toenail heal by itself?
it will most likely get worse if you do not cut it off.... it wont go away on its on unless you give your baby a bath it might soften it a little and then cut it off gently with a pair of nail clipppers.....

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