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How long does an ingrown toenail take to heal?

I have an ingrown toenail and I will be having it removed on thursday. However, I remembered I have plans for saturday. How long will it take for my toe to heal?How long does an ingrown toenail take to heal?
I had one removed on my big toe and it took about a week or two to heal up. Make sure you soak in Epsom Salt/warm water twice a day to keep infection out and speed up the healing process.

Also Vitamin C will strengthen your bodies natural immune system to help fight against infection and speed up the healing process.

It won't be healed by Saturday but you should still be able to go along with your plans as long as your plans don't include jogging. Just keep it wrapped up or it will stick to your sock which sucks when you have to take your socks off.How long does an ingrown toenail take to heal?
I know that an injury towards the cuticle of the nail area takes about 9 months to grow all the way out on your big toe. As far as an ingrown nail, it has to be treated or partially removed before the healing starts. You will feel much better within a day or two, but still takes longer to heal correctly. Warm soaks in saltwater will help ease the pain and heal it faster. Tea Tree Oil is helpful too. It will act as a soothing antiseptic and keeps fungus under control. There is no reason that you cannot go out on Saturday. If you have plans for the dance floor, wear cotton socks and comfortable shoes. Put your feet up to recuperate on Sunday. After you are completely healed, you may want to take bimonthly trips to a nail technician for a pedicure. This will keep you out of the podiatrist office.

Because of the possibility of serious complications, a physician should be consulted for treatment of severe and/or infected ingrown nails. Alternative treatments for treating ingrown nail include:

Ayurveda. Ayurvedic principles state that persons whose constitutions are dominated by vata and kapha have stronger nails and are prone to ingrown nails. Ingrown nails are treated with warm water soaks followed by application of a solution of equal parts tea tree and neem oils under the nails.

Herbal therapy. When an ingrown nail is forming, the toe should be soaked for 15鈥?0 minutes in five drops each of hypericum and calendula tinctures diluted in 1/2 pint of warm water. Afterward, the toe should be wrapped in linen, placing it between the fold and the nail.

Homeopathy. Preparations of Hepar sulph. or Silica in 6c potency may be taken every 12 hours for two weeks, to reduce the inflammation around the nail.

Hydrotherapy. To treat ingrown nail, the patient should soak the foot in hot, soapy water for 20 minutes, trim the nail square, wrap the toe in a hot compress, and cover it with a dry cloth overnight. In the morning, the patient should trim the nail into a U shape and place a bit of cotton between the nail and the fold. The cotton should be kept in place until the nail grows out.

Massage. If an ingrown nail is developing, the patient should gently push the skin away from the nail. Repeated massage of the overgrown lateral nail folds can reduce pain and separate the fold away from the nail.

It would heal in a short span of time but u'll feel a little pain even after that so avoid any external contacts.
well i have had my ingrown toenail removed before, and i do recall that for about 2weeks after it you have to wear this big plaster arround your toe to stop infections, also the doctor will but 'silver' on your toe as it helps it grow faster. the big plaster on your toe makes it difficult to wear shoes, i remember i had work the next few days and thankfully it was the summer, in which i wore flipflops. i got this done in july, and it is now january, it is back to its normal length again, although its not interally better, its still sore. hope it goes well for u!
if you toenail will be completely removed it will take a week to get better. After the procedure the area will be swollen and you will not be able to wear shoes . In that case sandals will be better for you and things like running, dancing or swimming will not be appropiate.

If only the ingrown part will be removed you could feel better in 3 - 4 days.
An ingrown toenail might not seem that important but it could cost you your toe depending on the seriousness of the situation. Proper ventilation and constant changing on socks might speed up the recovery but I really recommend you se your doctor ASAP.
toenails grow at about 2mm/week so it usually takes 3-6 months for them to grow back to normal length

you can rub lotion with vitamin e on the area to help the healing process
OMG!!!!!!! U had 1 of them? I get those all of the time and they hurt like crazy, but they heal in usually 5 days or so. It might depend on the body. Hope this helps!
You know what i had the same thing done and believe me your be fine by saturday! thats a promise...dip it in salt water and take pain killers x

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