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What is the best thing to do when you have an ingrown toenail?

How can I prevent this from happening in the future?What is the best thing to do when you have an ingrown toenail?
Goto the Drs and have it removed as it can become very inflamed and sore,it is painless and takes a few mins.To prevent in the future take care of your feet and cut toe nails across not round,dont pull the little pieces of skin at the corners or sides of the toe nail.

Depending on how bad it is depends on how much toe nail will be removed.

If you have an infection a course of antibiotics will be neededWhat is the best thing to do when you have an ingrown toenail?
Dig it out if you have the cahones
let the nail grow to the end of the toe and cut straight.

don't cut them on a curve like fingernails.
Soak you foot in warm water and when your skin and nail are soft gently lift the nail out of the nail bed and if you can, trim the offending piece of nail or use a small bit of cotton under the affected area to lift the nail off the irritated part. If it's a chronic problem for you, you can go to the doctor and have the nail removed and the nail ';killed'; so it doesn't grow back. My brother did that.

To prevent them, wear shoes that are not too tight in the toes and when you trim your nails, trim them straight across or have a pedicurist trim it for you.
I heard that it really works if you cut a small v groove in the middle of your toenail it causes the ingrown toenail to grow away and inwards towards the v groove. Its probably something you would want to do in the winter instead of the summer when your barefoot or wearing flip flops, nothing worse than having people looking at a v groove cut on your toenails.
Out grow it. Sorry, I know this isn't funny to you, but I just couldn't resist the pun. Please forgive me.
Cut it out, or go to the Podiatrist (foot doctor).
buy wider shoes. I had to have mine cut out. If your little toes are crooked it's too late without surgical help. You can keep digging them out but a wider shoe does help.
it is better to trim across and maybe cut toe nails after a bath, nails are softer when soaked, also try using a nice foot lotion around nails to moisturize the toes, maybe it will be easier to cut. also try using abit of vaseline on the toe nails while cutting it prevents splits and relieves the tip of toes!
soak it in epson salt... if you can get it somewhat out of ur skin,..good.. but dont really pick at it.. it can get infected worse... soak it in epson salt as much as possible. if it is not better in a week.. go to the md.. and in the mean time.. to keep it clean of infection..use neosporin or bacatrin ointment.. clean it with soap and water..cuz the truth is .. peroxide and alchol dont really do the trick
Let your toenails grow out past the tip of your toe. Then next time you clip them, don't clip them any shorter than your toe. Like, make sure when you run your hand across the tip of your toes, you can feel your toenails and no skin, and as long as you do that they shouldn't come back. Good luck
have dr remove the nail
I had an ingrown toenail problem years ago when I started working retail in a pair of pointed-toe shoes (not a really bright idea). When I went to the doctor, he gently pried the toenail from the nailbed and packed the edges with small pieces of cotton-ball dipped in peroxide to reduce the infection. He then recommended that I only cut my nails straight across and to continue to pack the corners with peroxided, cotton-ball pieces. Since then, I've studiously avoided pointed toe shoes and have never been to the doctor for that problem ever again.

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